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research : Saryoko, Andi

College is constantly develop academic climate in order to support the democratic process of learning who directs and being a graduate student best qu

research : Ridwansyah; Ariyati, Indah; Faizah, Siti;

research : Saryoko, Andi; Hendri; Sukmana, Sulaeman Hadi

The Indonesian people in registering as members of the BPJS for Health can now be done in several ways: 1) registration by coming directly to the near

research : Sidik; Mustafi, Ilham

The interactive animation is a media of learning which is quite popular nowadays.Delivery more interactive,interesting, and has a high artistic creat

research : Budi, Eko Setia; Putra, Raden Bagus Dimas; Kadafi, Abdul Rahman

Di era globalisasi sekarang ini, teknologi informasi melaju dengan cepatnya. Adapun komputer yang merupakan peralatanyang diciptakan untuk mempermudah

research : Masturoh, Siti

Wudhu is one way to purify oneselffrom uncleanness and suffering. Performingablution perfectly in accordance with IslamicShari'a is the key to receivi

research : Saryoko, Andi; Putri, Yustin Anggraheni

Among of many animals, Cat is one of the most favorable domestic animal in our society too keep pets in a good health, the cat owner should pay attent