Penerapan Metode Haversine Formula Pada Aplikasi Pencarian Lokasi Tempat Tambal Ban Kendaraan Bermotor Berbasis Mobile Android


In essence, quoted from a survey conducted by Jakarta Transportation Statistics Jakarta - BPSJakarta explains that motor vehicle users in DKI Jakarta area in 2014 as much as 13,084,372 with annualgrowth of 10, 54% and added with passenger car, load car, car bus and rensusu of 17,523,967 with a lot ofnumbers will certainly cause many problems between the defects and the most feared is the leakage of thevehicle tire probadi, to facilitate the private motorists in finding a place tire feeding is necessary application ofvehicle tire repair information so the riders do not have to walk far to find a place of tire repair whereas thepossibility of rider position is not too far away with the location they are looking for, the application will find theclosest distance from where the tire patch that has been registered by the seller of the service.

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