Penerapan Network Management System Dengan Wireshark Pada Performance Management Data Badan Sar Nasional


Network Management System (NMS) is a function to supervise the performance of the network and taking action to control, monitor traffic flow so that the operating capacity on a network can be done optimally. Network Management System is a service that uses tools, applications and devices to help users (user) to monitor, regulate, observe and plan network resources as well as system components in a network. NMS Model includes five conceptual areas, namely Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management and Security Management (FCAPS). Performance Management is an activity undertaken to assess performance indicators of network operations on an ongoing basis. With the Performance Management expected service levels can be maintained (optimize QoS (Quality of Service)), network conditions can be identified, the possibility of interference can be unpredictable and can make a complete report on the activities of decision-making and planning. Wireshark is a tool Network Analyzer is used for analyze network performance and capture data / information that passes through a network with a graphical display. From the modification and testing the network on the National SAR Agency monitored utilizing wireshark allow the network disruptions can be predicted and the level of service to the user can be maintained.

Kata Kunci: Network management System (NMS), Performance Management, wireshark


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