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IOP Science Publiser Position Based Job Promotion Using Multi-Criteria Elimination VIKOR Method

23 Aug 2019
A, Akmaludin; Mulyani, Astriana; Santoso, Budi; Widianto, Kudiantoro. (2019)

 Job promotion is the best action of a company to improve the progress of the company itself, thus it must be done objectively and responsibly respectfully. There are a number of benchmarks for carrying out the promotion process which as a whole can be recognized as an honorable action for someone ...

Program Studi. | Sistem Informasi. | Inggris
Jurnal / Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi

Proceeding ICIC 2018 Comparison of Job Position Based Promotion Using: VIKOR, ELECTRE And Promethee Method

19 Aug 2019
Akmaludin, Akmaludin; SW, Sulistianto; Sudradjat, Adjat; Setiawan, Santoso; Supendar, Hendra; Handrianto, Yopi; Rusdiansyah, Rusdiansyah; Tuslaela, Tuslaela. (2018)

The long-term prospect of the company's progress is determined by the quality of human resources (HR), The urgency to maintain the company's survival it takes a reliable and futuristic leader. Measuring tool that can be used is none other than the performance of human resources. Of course with poten...

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Seminar / Seminar Internasional

Proceeding CITSM 2018 Second Comparison Of Optimization Of Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization And Genetic Algorithm With Neural Network Algorithm For Legislative Election Result

19 Aug 2019
Badrul, Mohammad; Frieyadie, Frieyadie; Akmaludin, Akmaludin; Ningtyas, Dwi Arum; Sulistyowati, Daning Nur; Nurajijah, Nurajijah. (2018)

An Election is one of the characteristics of a country that uses the democratic system. One of the countries that embrace democratic system is the country of Indonesia. Elections or commonly called the democratic party held in Indonesia aims to choose the leadership of both the President and Vice Pr...

Program Studi. | Sistem Informasi. | Inggris
Seminar / Seminar Internasional

Proceeding CITSM 2018 The Employee Promotion Base On Specification Job’s Performance Using: MCDM, AHP, And ELECTRE Method

19 Aug 2019
Akmaludin, Akmaludin; Badrul, Mohammad; Linda, Marlinda; Dalis, Sopiyan; Sidik, Sidik; Santoso, Budi. (2018)

The process of promotion required in every company. To perpetrating the promotion of position in company is required of job assessment objectively so this result will give proving truly. In reality the success of company affected to whom will lead the company because the assessment specifically is g...

Program Studi. | Sistem Informasi. | Inggris
Seminar / Seminar Internasional

Proceeding CITSM 2017 A Multi-Study Program Recommender System Using ELECTRE Multicriteria Method

19 Aug 2019
Marlinda, Linda; Durachman, Yusud; Baidawi, Taufik; Akmaludin, Akmaludin. (2017)

 Selection of study program plays an important role in the success of a person to determine his future. One of the risks associated with the selection of study is the incompatibility with the needs of the current job vacancies in companies that significantly affect the future of these students. Sin...

Program Studi. | Sistem Informasi. | Inggris
Seminar / Seminar Internasional
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