Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Hama Penyakit Tanaman Padi Dan Holtikultura Menggunakan Metode Forward Chaining Berbasis Android


The development of information and communication technology-based smartphones and mobilephonegrowing rapidly. It is characterized by the number of smartphone users in the community. Utilization ofinformation and communication technology is implemented in the form of knowledge application. One of theseapplications on the world agricultural expert system based on mobile. Knowledge of this expert system has manysources including research or research and observations that have been practiced by experts and issued eitherthrough web resources and other sources such as agricultural books, journals and others. This expert systemuses Forward Chaining method using base database organized into a table in a rule that an expert and user candraw conclusions from what has been diagnosed by this expert system. Application of expert system designedand developed as an expert tools and users in diagnosing pests and diseases of rice plants and horticulture of theanalysis by an expert and analysis according to the book or internet media. This expert system will show thequestions will then be selected by the user to find a solution on the diagnostics program that has been done onthis expert system. In addition the expert system is equipped with the paperwork to determine how plant pestmanagement, plant species and type of fertilizer.

Kata Kunci: Expert System, Plants of Pests, Forward Chaining


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