The use of Internet technology today has become a very important requirement and even support all
the activities of our daily work, saah them is the emergence of a new program offered by Telkom
Indonesia: Indonesia Wireless Fidelity (wifi.id). This service has been used by the entire territory of
Indonesia which has given Access Point is no exception Sukabumi area. Hence it is important to know
how the effectiveness of its use in the community. The model is used to look into the matter is referred
to the model of success that DeLone & McLean in which there are several factors that Information
Quality, System Quality, Quality of Service, intensity of use, satisfaction Usage and Net Benefits, with
data processing methods SEM (Structure Equation modeling) and using AMOS 21.0 software. From
this study proved the quality of service affects the intensity of the user , the intensity of use satisfaction
affect users , and user satisfaction affects the net benefits

Kata Kunci: Keywords: Methods DeLone & McLean, wifi.id, SEM


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