- Strategic Marketing and Digital Marketing Training Activities for the Rattan Processing Industries in Cirebon Regency [Pelatihan Pemasaran Strategik dan Digital untuk Industri Pengolah Rotan di Kabupaten Cirebon]




Proceeding of Community Development


The aim of organizing strategic marketing and digital marketing training activities for the rattan processing
industries in Cirebon Regency, West Java, Indonesia was to provide knowledge and skills in strategic and
digital marketing. The training which was held for 8 (eight) hours was attended by 20 marketing managers
and owners of the rattan processing industries who were members of the Cirebon Regency Association of
Indonesian Industry and Crafts Association. It is hoped that through this training the participants would be
able to improve the performance of export marketing of rattan-based products to foreign countries through
their competitive advantages. The training methods used are lecturing, group discussion, and training
evaluation. The results of the training were that participants were able to explain how to implement a market
orientation culture in their business operations. In addition, the participants were also able to explain the
efforts made in implementing export marketing strategies and export marketing capabilities. The trainees
were also able to explain the factors that influence export marketing performance. Furthermore, this training
also improved the skills of managers in implementing digital marketing approach in the marketing activities
of the rattan processing industry.

Kata Kunci: Strategic Marketing; Digital Marketing; Market Orientation;Export Marketing Strategy; Export Marketing Capability; Export Marketing Performance.


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