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Sistem Penunjang Keputusan Seleksi Karyawan Terbaik PT. Golden Living Indonesia Dengan Metode Wieghted Product

29 Jul 2020
Maruloh; Muhammad Darussalam; Mochamad Nandi Susila; Wahyudin. (2020)

Adanya pemilihan karyawan terbaik berdampak positif bagi perusahaan. Karena karyawan akan saling bersaing untuk menjadi yang terbaik. Persaingan ini akan meningkatkan produktivitas dalam bekerja. Ketika produktivitas seorang karwayan meningkat, perusahaan akan menjadi pihak yang paling diuntungkan k...

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Jurnal / Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi

Sentiment Analysis of the Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade Corps Based on Twitter Posts Using the SVM And NB Methods

21 Jul 2020
Pratama, Bryan; Saputra, Dedi Dwi; Novianti, Deny; Purnamasari, Endah Putri; Kuntoro, Antonius Yadi; Hermanto; Gata, Windu; Wardhani, Nia K; Sfenrianto; Budilaksono, Sularso. (2019)

The Brimob Corps is a special police force, just like the special military detachments held by the TNI such as Paskhas and so on. At present brigade corps police national is busy being discussed in the real world and cyberspace, especially on social media twitter. Many opinions about the brigade ...

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The Sentiment Analysis of Fintech Users Using Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization Method

18 Jul 2020
Warjiyono; Aji, Sopian; Fandhilah; Hidayatun, Nunung; Faqih, Husni; Liesnaningsih;. (2019)

Abstract— This research was conducted to analyze the sentiment of Fintech users in Tegal City, especially the Ovo application since it currently has a very massive market and promotion. Users choosing the Fintech application generally consider convenience, security, transaction suitability, conven...

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International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (IJAST) Vol. 29, No. 7, (2020), pp. 2856-2863 A Selection Of ICT Based Social Media With Elderly Rural Women Using Profile Matching Methods

16 Jul 2020
Marlinda, Linda; Tuslaela; Tukino; Widiyawati; Harsih;. (2020)

The role of social media for the elderly now can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation in the family community and the environment. The mobility of the elderly is getting weaker and limiting the space to socialize so that they never move around. The influence of ICT on technolog...

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IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 3, No 2, May 2012 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814 A Multi- Study Program Recommender System Using Content-Based Filtering and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Methods

11 Jul 2020
Marlinda, Linda; Kreshana, Priadhana Edi; Sensuse, Dana Indra;. (2012)

Deciding a field of study from several provided fields is one of the most essential moments in a new student life because it is related to the future he/she wants to be. Since there are many criteria that must be considered, then through this recommender system, students...

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Implementation of Clustering Algorithm Method for Customer Segmentation

10 Jul 2020
Nurmalasari;Mukhayaroh, Anna;Marlina,Siti;Hartini,Sari;Muryani,Sri;Sinnun,Ahmad;Nurajizah,Siti;Adiwihardja,Cep;. (2020)

The intense competition in the sale of goods and services in the digital era of e-commerce requires to manage customers optimally. Some online shops try to improve their marketing strategies by classifying their customers. This study aims to determine potential customers, namely loyal cus- tomers. P...

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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology30th April 2019. Vol.97. No 8 Selection Of Factors Affecting Women's Loyalty In Buying Goods In Indonesian E-Marketplaces Using The Profile Machine Method

06 Jul 2020
Marlinda, Linda; Rusiyati, Sri; Adi, Wiruma, Titian; Maisyaroh; Komarudin, Rachman; Salim, Agus ;. (2019)

The use of social media in the field of online marketing has been used by female consumers. In its use found uncomfortable transactions even though vendors have provided good features to reduce risk. This study investigates web site factors that affect consumer loyalty online shopping thr...

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IOP Science The Best Selection of Programmers in Generation 4.0 Using AHP and ELECTRE Elimination Methods.

21 Apr 2020
Akmaludin, Akmaludin; Hartati, Tri; Purwanto, Heru; Sukendar, Toni; Latifah, Fitri; Septiana, Laila. (2020)

The quality of data processing in information systems in the 4.0 industrial era is expected to be in the form of paperless-based digitalization, thus a number of capable and reliable users are needed in terms of data processing in the form of digitalization, the means developed can be through the in...

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Comparison Topsis and Saw Method in the Selection of Tourism Destination in Indonesia

13 Apr 2020
Sunarti; Sundari,Jenie; Anggraeni , Sita; Siahaan , Fernando; Jimmy. (2018)

There are many tourism objects located in Indonesia inflicted to whether the local or foreign visitors are difficult in determining the choice for tourism. For that case, it requires proponent system for the tourism object selected that appropriate, safe, cheap, and pleasant. In this research th...

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International Journal Bereputasi Q3-IOP Science Publiser Position Based Job Promotion Using Multi-Criteria Elimination VIKOR Method

23 Aug 2019
Akmaludin, Akmaludin; Mulyani, Astriana; Santoso, Budi; Widianto, Kudiantoro. (2019)

 Job promotion is the best action of a company to improve the progress of the company itself, thus it must be done objectively and responsibly respectfully. There are a number of benchmarks for carrying out the promotion process which as a whole can be recognized as an honorable action for someone ...

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